L'intelligenza artificiale che previene il mal di schiena

  • Francesco Pistolesi
Parole chiave: Artificial intelligence, Industry 5.0, Posture detection, Privacy


When sitting at your office desk, have you ever realized how your posture is gradually deteriorating due to those long hours in front of the computer? Statistics don't lie: an increasing number of people are grappling with musculoskeletal issues from a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture. According to a recent study, over 70% of office workers report posture-related problems, which are a leading cause of work absenteeism. Can artificial intelligence (AI) come to our rescue? Absolutely. Is AI spying on us to achieve this? Absolutely not. Today's technological advancements can safeguard our well-being and fend off musculoskeletal disorders without violating our privacy. No cameras, no prying eyes. Just an invisible laser beam, a touch of computational wizardry, and voilà – the solution is at hand.

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