Vol. 1 (2024)

ON jóð n. ‘new born child, descendant’

Daniel Kölligan
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Published 2024-04-09


  • Old Norse,
  • etymology,
  • vr̥ddhi,
  • substantivization


It is argued that ON jóð ‘child, descendant’, Gmc. *eð/þa-, is related to the root PIE *h 1eh1/3- ‘to give milk, to suck’, either as a substantivized verbal adjective *h1h1/3-to- ‘nourished, fed’ comparable to *ǵenh1to- ‘child’ (Germ. Kind) regarding the word formation, or as a noun *h1eh1/3dho- based on the root shape *h1eh1/3dh- underlying Gr. οὖθαρ, Lat. ūber ‘udder’, etc.