About the Journal

In 1950 Antonino Pagliaro founded Ricerche Linguistiche as the scientific body of the former “Istituto di Glottologia” of the University of Rome La Sapienza and published five issues until 1962, when Walter Belardi succeeded him as the Editor-in-chief. The sixth volume was published in 1974 as the last volume of the journal. The new series of Ricerche Linguistiche pursues and renovates the scientific interests of its founders.

Ricerche Linguistiche provides a venue for contributions in the fields of diachronic and historical linguistics concerning all levels of linguistic analysis, with a special focus on ancient Indo-European and Semitic languages, as well as Romance languages and varieties. Contributions on other language families are also welcomed, provided that they coincide with the main focus of the journal with respect to methods, language history, and historical documentation. The journal also aims to promote the study of the history of all branches of linguistic thought, including writing systems, literacy, textual exegesis, grammaticography, and philological hermeneutics from antiquity to modern times.

Ricerche Linguistiche is published annually.

The journal consists of three sections: (1) papers and essays; (2) Léxeis (contributions on the history and etymology of specific words); (3) review articles.