Vol. 1 (2024)
Papers and essays

New epigraphic and exegetical remarks on Paragraph 70 of the Bisotun Inscription, Old Persian version (DB/OP IV ll. 88-92)

Marco Fattori
University of Rome La Sapienza

Published 2023-04-09


  • Old Persian,
  • Bisotun Inscription,
  • Paragraph 70


This paper aims to provide a new edition of paragraph 70 of the Old Persian version of the Bisotun inscription (DB/OP IV ll. 88-92). Although this badly preserved passage received an enormous scholarly attention, only a few researchers could directly examine the inscription, and their editions differ significantly from one another. In absence of good published photographs, it is currently impossible to critically evaluate the reliability of these editions and propose new readings based on a first-hand inspection of the stone. To overcome this inconvenience, this article includes a full photographic documentation of the passage and a detailed discussion of each reading. Since this new examination of the inscription resulted in the improvement of several readings, the edition is followed by a commentary where a possible interpretation of the newly read words is offered.