About the Journal

Originally called «Anglistica Pisana», this academic journal was founded in 2004 by Mario Curreli, a well-known Conradian scholar from Pisa University. Throughout the years, the journal has provided a forum for stimulating and authoritative discussions within the broad field of English Studies from a variety of perspectives (literary, linguistic, cultural and historical, including Anglo-Italian relations). It has welcomed contributions by both established or young researchers based in Pisa and prominent scholars in the humanities belonging to the national and international scientific community. Drawing on this fifteen-year invaluable experience, «Synergies: A Journal of English Literatures and Cultures» aims to further encourage a synergistic dialogue among scholars around the world who intend to investigate relevant topics and texts, literary movements and discursive/cultural practices, theoretical and metaliterary approaches intersecting the domain of British and Anglophone literatures and cultures. In its revised form and with an implemented advisory board, this periodical features original articles, reviews, notes and interviews which promote critical exchange and innovative lines of research on situated contexts or narratives as well as globalised scenarios (postmodernity, dissemination and transculturality, the postcolonial condition and its aftermath, World Literature in English). Miscellaneous issues of the magazine will periodically leave room for monographic ones so as to focus on key cultural themes and topics of research of particular relevance and momentum.