Orvieto, la scoperta di una fucina in un contesto necropolare etrusco noto

  • Francesco Pacelli Archeologo collaboratore Soprintendenza dell'Umbria


In the months of March, April and May 2021, the discovery of a forge for metals in the area of loc. Cannnicella, already known to tradition for its funerary and shrine contexts. The crucible for the melting of metals has revealed its particular structure made by recovering the funerary compartment of an Etruscan burial chamber of the archaic period. The forge was therefore traced back to the early imperial age, during the Augustan pax, as a place of production of ex-votos, or small elements of glyptic and goldsmith's art destined for votive deposits at the nearby Cannicella sanctuary, in the wake of the revitalization of cults ancients promoted by the emperor and also witnessed in the nearby area of Campo della Fiera, seat of the federal sanctuary of the duodecim populi Etruriae.

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