Marginalità e integrazione. Il ruolo dei Dioscuri nei passaggi di status dei giovani


  • Elisa Marroni Università degli Studi di Perugia


Parole chiave:

Dioscuri, cult, rituals, transitions of status, marginality, integration, inclusion, youths


The article deals with the centrality of the cult of Dioscuri in the patronage of youths’ rituals of transition, as guarantors of athletic and military preparation of males. The cult was connected with the renovation of ancient society, in Sparta such as in other important cities of Greece; in Italy too, especially in the main cities of Latium Vetus, it has spread as a powerful instrument of identification and social inclusion from very ancient times. The temporary estrangement of initiandi, common condition to other social categories, equally marginalised and equally protected by the Twin Gods, such as castaways, infirms, slaves, connotes the Dioscuri as deities of marginality and possibility of integration.





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