Breathe theory between medicine and spirituality. An Indian Ascetic perspective


  • Chiara Teneggi Associazione Onconauti e Miur


breathe, yoga practice, cancer survivors


This article was motivated by the author’s personal experiences as a teacher and as a pratictioner with Dr. Bhole breathing method as well as meaningful breathing experiences reported by the students who attended her classes. The purpose is to focus on the value of breathing in improving the quality of life, even if in illness condition. The article introduces the experiential meaning of prana and pranayama into the tradition of Hatha Yoga according to the method of Dr. Bhole (Anubhava Yoga). Then, the article offers an example of the effectiveness of breathing practices among cancer patients. In this part, international scientific results about the efficacy of yoga practice in cancer survivors are included. Finally, the author reports some testimonies of the cancer patients who have practiced Yoga with her. Some personal reflections about the value of this kind of inner practice conclude the article.