About the Journal

“Mefisto. Rivista di Medicina, Filosofia e Storia” (former “Medicina&Storia”) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with an international committee. It publishes two issues in a year (June and September).

Medicine is the history of individuals and humankind; it is the history of concepts, metaphors, “views”. Nowadays, the meaning of life, body and limits is rethought against the background of life sciences and biotechnologies. The contribution of humanities – history, epistemology, ethics, sociology – is necessary for a better understanding of what life sciences are becoming, of our struggle against diseases as well as for our “normal” well-being, and of our idea of what “cure” means – while we are wandering among hopes and fears. The MEFISTO journal wants to foster the debate between medicine, biology, and humanities to build a critical, reflective, and informed point of view on biomedicine and its history.

MEFISTO welcomes scientific contributions papers in history and philosophy of bio-medicine: epistemological and ontological issues in bio-medicine; history of medicine and life sciences; medical humanities; philosophy of health and disease; ethical, social, and political implications of healthcare, biotechnology, and medicine; philosophy of individual and public health.

MEFISTO is published under the auspices of BIOM. Italian association of history, philosophy, and social studies of biology and medicine.

Mean review time: 16 weeks.