Vol. 21 (2023)
Note e discussioni

Note on a ‘note’: Hegesippos’ Milesiaka, FGrHist 391 F 4 (Parth. Amat. narr. 16).

Alfredo Novello
Università degli Studi di Salerno

Published 2024-01-31


  • Hegesippos,
  • Μιλησιακά,
  • Parthenius’ Ἐρωτικὰ Παθήματα,
  • manchettes,
  • Palatinus Graecus 398



The aim of this paper is to show the possibility of preserving the reading Ἡγήσιππος Μιλησιακών α΄ related to one of the manchettes accompanying the text of Parthenius’ Ἐρωτικὰ Παθήματα (Palatinus graecus 398, 176r in correspondence of the beginning of the 16th πάθημα) and that was corrected by Alphonsus Hecker in Ἡγήσιππος Παλληνιακών α΄ (this conjectural emendation was proposed in 1850 and afterwards accepted by most scholars). In this way, it becomes possible to ascribe also Μιλησιακά, a local history of Miletus, to the 4th century BC historian Hegesippos (FGrHist 391) known for his Παλληνιακά. In the Μιλησιακά Hegesippos could have dealt with some details relating to the Trojan princess Laodike, whose story is told in Parthenius’ 16th πάθημα.