The Bari-Lecce School of Semiotics

  • Cosimo Caputo
Keywords: Augusto Ponzio, Semioethics, Semiotics of Translation, Global Semiotics, Glossematic Semiotics


The qualification Bari-Lecce in the expression “Bari-Lecce School of Semiotics” neither indicates a strictly geographical duality, nor a dichotomy. Instead, it underlines a relation of reciprocity in research approaches, of unindifferent difference and of dialogue. In Bari semiotic studies have developed around Augusto Ponzio whose mentor was Giuseppe Semerari. In addition to Semerari, major theoretical signposts in the Bari School include Bachtin, Lévinas, Morris, Peirce, Rossi-Landi, Sebeok, Welby. For what concerns the Lecce (Salento) extension, add to these the masters of structural linguistics with Saussure and Hjelmslev and its historico-epistemology.