About the Journal

«Blityri» (2012- ) is the first Italian journal that is entirely devoted to the history of ideas on signs and language, along with other international outlets. is an expression the Stoics coined within their philosophy of language. It was an example of a voice that has the features of articulation but not those of semanticity.

«Blityri» intends to be a research instrument and a place for discussion and debates on topics concerning explicit and implicit theories about sign and language, both under a theoretical and a historical point of view.

This journal has two aims. Firstly, it works to ensure greater acknowledgment of historical research in the fields of semiotics and philosophy of language. Secondly, we want to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation, as we believe that linguistic and semiotic inquiries may provide fertile soil to philosophical research. Special attention to the relationships interweaving theories and social, professional, scientific practices – ranging from politics to education, from medicine to the media) – is a peculiar feature of our project.

«Blityri» is indexed on ERIH PLUS  and has been awarded Anvur Band A classification for class 11c/4 - Aesthetics and Philosophy of Language, since 2019.