• Analisi e Diritto

    «Analisi e Diritto» is a six-montly, double blind peer-reviewed journal on analytic studies in Law and Philosophy of law.

  • Blityri. Studies on history of ideas on signs and languages

    Blityri is a scholarly journal focusing the history of ideas on signs and languages, specifically on history of semiotics and linguistic theory.

  • Dioniso. Rivista di studi sul teatro antico

    Founded in 1931 by the Italian Institute for Ancient Drama (Inda), Dioniso is an annual peer reviewed journal on ancient theatre, its modern and contemporary reception, and issues of staging.

  • GFDQ - Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria

    Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria

    GFDQ is a six-monthly journal published by the COMITATO GLACIOLOGICO ITALIANO.

    Founded in 1978, it is the continuation of the “Bollettino del Comitato Glaciologico Italiano“.

    It publishes original papers, short communications, news, and book reviews of Physical Geography, Glaciology, Geomorphology, and Quaternary Geology. The journal furthermore publishes the annual reports on Italian glaciers, the official transactions of the Comitato Glaciologico Italiano, and the Newsletters of the International Association of Geomorphologist.

    Special issues, named “Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria – Supplementi“, collecting papers on specific themes, proceedings of meetings or symposia, and regional studies, are also published, starting from 1988.

    Code of Conduct for Authors, Reviewers, and Editors
    Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that adheres to the code of conduct for publications produced by COPE: Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors. It is mandatory that all parties involved – authors, editors, and reviewers – are aware of and agree to the following ethical requisites.

    The language of the journal is English, but papers can be written in other main scientific languages.
    The Journal is indexed/abstracted by: Bibliography & Index of Geology (Georef); Geoarchive (Geosystem); Geobase (Elsevier); Geographical Abstract: Physical Geography (Elsevier); Georef; Geotitles (Geosystem); Hydrotitle and Hydrology Infobase (Geosystem); Referativnyi Zhurnal.

    Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria has been included in the Thompson ISI database beginning with Volume 30 (1) 2007 and now appears in the Web of Science, including the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), as well as the ISI Alerting Services.

  • MEFISTO. Journal of Medicine, Philosophy, and History

    Medicine is the history of individuals and humankind; it is history of concepts, metaphors, “views”. Nowadays, we rethink of life, bodiy and limits against a background of life sciences and biotechnologies. The contribution of humanities – history, epistemology, ethics, sociology – is necessary for a better understanding of what life sciences are becoming, of our struggle against diseases as well as for our “normal” well-being, and of our idea of what “cure” means – while we are wandering among hopes and fears.

  • Ostraka. Journal in antiquity

    «Ostraka» is a peer rewieved yearly academic journal in archaeology, classical studies and related subjects. Articles are in the major European languages.

  • Phi/Psy

    The journal opens up a space for discussion about a new field of studies: “Phi/Psy”, philosophy/psychoanalysis. Its main topics are: subject and unconscious; the experiences of dream, neurosis, psychosis, and perversion; language and its tropes; the figures of desire and enjoyment.

  • Ricerche Linguistiche

    Ricerche linguistiche provides a venue for contributions in the fields of diachronic and historical linguistics concerning all levels of linguistic analysis, with a special focus on ancient Indo-European and Semitic languages, as well as Romance languages and varieties. Contributions on other language families are also welcomed, provided that they coincide with the main focus of the journal with respect to methods, language history, and historical documentation. The journal also aims to promote the study of the history of all branches of linguistic thought, including writing systems, literacy, textual exegesis, grammaticography, and philological hermeneutics from antiquity to modern times.

  • Studi lockiani. Ricerche sull’età moderna

    Studi lockiani is an annual scholarly journal devoted to research on the life, work, and heritage of John Locke (1632-1704). The journal is available both online and in print.

    The Journal is composed of three sections: Essays, Notes and Debates, and Reviews. Each volume contains 7 to 10 articles. Issues are generally themed. A yearly call for papers announces the theme and the start for submissions. 

    Authors can submit their proposals via the journal website. All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer-review process and will be published only after referees’ final approval.

  • Synergies: A Journal of English Literatures and Cultures

    «Synergies: A Journal of English Literatures and Cultures», formerly called «Anglistica Pisana», is a double-blind peer-reviewed annual journal. It welcomes original contributions by national and international scholars dealing with British and Anglophone literatures and cultures, but is also interested in research papers characterised by a comparative and interdisciplinary approach as well as in studies on the theory of literature and of literary criticism. All texts published in this journal are written in English.