'Acheronta movebo': an enigma on the threshold of Traumdeutung

  • Pietro Rizzi
Keywords: Freud, Ur-szene, Acheronta movebo, unconscious


This paper delves into Sigmund Freud's conception of the 'Ur-szene' and its evolution. Specifically, we intend to highlight both points of resonance and disparity in Freud's perspective.
The article draws parallels with the Lacanian interpretation of the issue: it utilizes the analysis of Irma's dream to illustrate how the emergence of the question of the unconscious can be deduced. Lastly, it provides an analysis of the enigmatic Virgilian motto placed at the beginning of the Traumdeutung. The article posits that 'Acheronta movebo' symbolizes the hazards inherent in probing the unconscious. Freud's deliberate silence on the full interpretation hints at perceived risks tied to his groundbreaking discoveries, creating a complex tapestry of classical symbolism that invites exploration into the enduring mystery of the unconscious.