The world inhabited by dreams

  • Piergiorgio Donatelli
Keywords: Freud, Wittgenstein, Cavell, The interpretation of dreams, Moral Perfectionism


The article, starting with Ludwig Wittgenstein's critique of Freud's interpretation of dreams and an analysis of Stanley Cavell's perfectionism, proposes a reading of the dream as a device that liberates unexpressed possibilities, reducing the grip of repetitions that characterize our daily lives.

The point that Wittgenstein, Freud and Cavell have in common is the liberation from our privateness and fixations that reduce the world to a place of pre-plotted binaries and predetermined movements.

The author shows that Wittgenstein's methods, Cavell's perfectionist path and Freud's psychoanalytic therapy are all aimed at reconfiguring the gray and melancholy world in which we live to find ourselves in the same transformed ordinary world, full of interest and adventure.