Common traits in the ego formation

The identification process

  • Claudia Compiani
Keywords: expression, identification process, common traits, unconscious desire, affective live


My purpose is to trace the concept of the identification process in psychoanalytic writings to underline its unconscious dynamic function. Imaginary and significant at the same time, the identification process designates the fixations of desire, its affective and drive investments. Therefore, this paper tries to connect the Freudian “structural model” in relation to the so-called “expressionist line of thought” to explore the troubled formation of the ego through the identification process, whereby it attempts to express its own unconscious desire as a permanence of common traits between subjects. Analytically, if we explore these common elements that subsist in the unconscious, we can probably touch both “the pathologies of identification” that have arisen in the hypermodern society, and the emotional ties of our singular life.