Psychic seismographs

The couch as a detector of mental functions

  • Maurizio Balsamo Società psicoanalitica italiana
Keywords: Seismograph, Symbolization, Analytical method, Dispositive


I propose to understand the analytical dispositive couch-armchair as a "montage" capable of receiving the telluric waves of the psychic upheavals caused by a situation that intertwines repetition and creation, the found and the created in the Winnicottian sense. Thus, welcoming, like a seismograph, the traces of these fluctuations, showing through its operation, or its dysfunction, its use or the accidents that appear in it, the psychic quality of the relationships in place, and the complexity of the stories and symbolization procedures actually present. Memory of the relationships that have occurred, guarantor of psychic continuity, it shows, through the analytical interpretation, the path and the sense of the fluctuations thus occurred.