Ficana: uno scavo degli anni 1970-80 e l’apporto di Mariolina Cataldi


  • Carlo Pavolini Università della Tuscia


Parole chiave:

Cataldi, Archaeology, Ficana, Archaic Latium, Hellenistic Period


The paper is a summary of the results (already published in Archeologia Laziale IV, 1981) of an excavation conducted by the author and by Antonella Magagnini on the south-western slopes of Monte Cugno, which in the Archaic and Orientalising periods was the site of the Latial settlement of Ficana. The principal outcome of that research was a structure built and occupied in thr sixth century B.C. The second part of the paper describes the contribution of Mariolina Cataldi to the discoveries carried out in the same years, both in the necropolis and in the urban space of Ficana, with their implications about the historical reconstruction of the life and death of the settlement, after the Roman conquest and in the Hellenistic period (IV-III centuries B.C.).





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