Monte Cugno - Ficana zona 5b: tracce di capanne e di una sepoltura infantile


  • Antonella Magagnini
  • Federica Micarelli Indipendente


Parole chiave:

archaeology of Latium, Monte Cugno - Ficana, Iron age, huts, infant burial


This paper’s primary goal is to increase the data on the first phases of frequentation of the Latial settlement of Monte Cugno-Ficana (Rome), located along the Tiber not far from the river’s mouth. In the last years new study focused on the materials, still unpublished, from the 1970/1980’s excavations, coming from the 5b area on the south-western slopes of Monte Cugno which had a long life from the late Bronze age to the Roman Republican period. This brief paper examines the traces of huts and Iron age materials. Two curvilinear shape layers testified to the presence of two elliptical huts, A and B. This phase dates to the III-IV Latial period. Materials from the layers of hut B are both from domestic and funerary context, in particular there are some objects related to a female infant burial. This funerary practice is well known from the Monte Cugno-Ficana pianoro areas and from other latial sites.





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