I dipinti murali delle tombe di Tarquinia e la loro conservazione insieme a Maria Cataldi


  • Adele Cecchini Associazione “Amici delle tombe dipinte di Tarquinia”



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tombs, mural paintings, Tarquinia, conservation, maintenance, restoration, surface, gap, methodology, macco


Thirty years of collaboration in the restoration and maintenance of the painted tombs of Tarquinia together with Maria Cataldi. Difficulties and problems faced together with her and Claudio Bettini, sometimes solved with enthusiasm and sometimes with great difficulty. From studies for closing tombs with transparent doors, to methodologies for tackling the restoration of delicate surfaces and for studying their execution technique. Mariolina’s interest and curiosity in always following our works with punctuality and dedication and in understanding the technique of execution of the paintings and the search for the best solution for their conservation. Until 2012 when she, now retired, decided to continue to devote herself passionately to the study and preservation of the painted tombs of Tarquinia by founding, together with us and Sandro Massa, the “Friends of the painted tombs of Tarquinia” Association.





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