Con Mariolina a Veio nella Tomba dei Leoni Ruggenti e nei sepolcri adiacenti: lo studio in corso


  • Francesca Boitani Dir. arch. Soprintendenza archeologica per l'Etruria meridionale
  • Folco Biagi Museo Archeologico di Poggio Civitate - Murlo


Parole chiave:

Tomb Roaring Lions, “impasti orientalizzanti”, geranomachy, Pygmies


While awaiting the comprehensive edition of the Tomb of the Roaring Lions along with the seven adjacent tombs, ranging from the Early to Recent Orientalizing periods
(excavation 2006-2010), the ongoing study is summarized, moved by the memory of the first reflections we exchanged with Mariolina during our numerous meetings
at Veii. Particular attention is drawn to the unpublished and unique depiction engraved on the bottom of a fragmented spiral amphora from the Tomb of the Roaring
Lions, in which it is proposed to recognize an excerptum from the geranomachia, the mythical battle between the Pygmies and the cranes (Iliad, III, 3-7): the vase, depicting a Greek mythological subject with a strong sign of liminality, fitting for the sepulchral environment, would be among the oldest of Etruscan Orientalizing artefacts.





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