Annual glaciological survey of Italian glaciers (2022)

  • Carlo Baroni Università di Pisa & CNR-IGG
  • Aldino Bondesan Università di Padova
  • Luca Carturan Università di Padova
  • Marta Chiarle CNR-IRPI
  • Riccardo Scotti CGI - SGL
Keywords: Mountain glaciers, Frontal Variation, Monitoring, Glaciological survey, Mass balance


Results of the annual glaciological survey (2022) conducted on Italian glaciers are here presented. About 250 volunteers operated last year in the three Alpine sectors (Piemonte - Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy and Triveneto) and in the Apennines (Calderone Glacier, Gran Sasso Group) observing two hundred and two glaciers. One hundred and eighteen glaciers were observed in the Piemonte - Valle d’Aosta sector while frontal variation was measured at the snout of sixty glaciers. Twenty-seven and fifty-seven glaciers were visited in the Lombardy Sector and in the Triveneto Sector, respectively (twenty-one and forty-three of which were measured, respectively). Mass balance measurements were conducted on seventeen Italian glaciers during the 2021-2022 hydrological year: four glaciers in the Western Alps (Piemonte - Valle d’Aosta sector), twelve in the Eastern Alps (three in the Lombardy Sector, the other glaciers in the Triveneto Sector) and one in the Central Apennines.

How to Cite
Baroni, C., Bondesan, A., Carturan, L., Chiarle, M., & Scotti, R. (2023). Annual glaciological survey of Italian glaciers (2022). Geografia Fisica & Dinamica Quaternaria (Physical Geography and Quaternary Dynamics), 46(1).