Pragmatics and Legal Interpretation. Il modello conversazionale by Francesca Poggi

  • Chiara Valentini University of Bologna
Keywords: Interpretation, Conversational Model, Deliberation, Collective Intentionality, Ideal and Non-ideal Theory


Francesca Poggi’s Il modello conversazionale. Sulla differenza tra comprensione ordinaria e interpretazione giuridica significantly contributes to the theorical reflection on law, both on the methodological level and on the level of the theses that it introduces and defends. I will try to highlight the book’s theoretical reach under three aspects in particular. First, the twofold contribution to the contemporary philosophical debate as regards the interaction between legal theory and philosophy of language. Second, the connection between the theory of collective intentionality and legal interpretation, in the light of the conversational model. Third, the theoretical potentialities of such model, in a normative perspective as well.

The Conversational Model in Legal Interpretation. A Debate